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Yarra Valley Grammar Hearing Unit
Yarra Valley Grammar
Kalinda Road   RINGWOOD   3134
Telephone: 9262 7700
Fax: 9876 1077
Email: reception@yvg.vic.edu.au
Web: www.yvg.vic.edu.au
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Yarra Valley Grammar Hearing Unit

Yarra Valley Grammar’s Hearing Unit is an oral/aural program providing supported and inclusive educational opportunities for students who are deaf or hearing impaired. Operating since 1972, the Hearing Unit has grown with the School and together they have developing a genuine culture of acceptance and celebration of difference. Our students demonstrate what can be achieved through teamwork, commitment and enthusiasm.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a supported, inclusive educational setting, fostering social, personal and academic development of students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The objective of the Hearing Unit is to develop the students’ language, listening and academic skills and facilitate full inclusion, so that each student is given the opportunity to reach his or her maximum potential.

Our goal is to foster and promote the oral language of students who are deaf or hard of hearing so that their spoken and written communication skills will assist them to take a productive and personally rewarding role in the community.

The Program

The Hearing Unit provides for students who are deaf or hard of hearing from Early Learning – Year 12.

Deaf and hard of hearing students are integral members of the regular classroom, supported by Teachers of the Deaf at a ratio of 1:4. The needs of each student are met through classroom support, individual withdrawal sessions, auditory training, note-taking, oral interpreting and language teaching. Programs are flexible and determined by the individual needs of the student, which are continually reviewed and assessed.

As part of the program, the students wear radio frequency aids in the classroom and in environments with competing background noise. The language program is based on age appropriate language experience of hearings, the classroom curriculum and the natural language of the student’s peer group. Deaf and hard students are supported in the development of skills that enable them to acquire and express information, gain an understanding of their community and current events, understand their own needs, take responsibility for their listening and communication and develop social awareness.

Students are encouraged to achieve their full potential, academically, emotionally, socially and physically. Full and active participation in the School’s curricular and co-curricular program is encouraged and celebrated.

The Teachers of the Deaf perform many roles including:

Hearing Unit Services

Hearing Unit services include:


Students with a permanent bilateral sensorineural loss of 40dB average across the frequencies or greater may apply. Students with a unilateral sensorineural or conductive loss may be considered.

Students to have access to the curriculum using audition and spoken language as their primary mode of communication and be able to access the classroom curriculum with support from the Hearing Unit teacher.

Entry to the hearing Unit is contingent upon a successful assessment of the student in their current school where the Head of Hearing Unit visits to view the student in their classroom. Consideration is given to the particular needs of the student and the Hearing Unit’s ability to meet the academic and social needs of the student.

Hearing Unit students are eligible for enrolment from Early Learning Centre to Year 12


“The Hearing Unit teachers are all kind and caring. They come into important lessons to take notes and explain things in the class and also help me with my language and English skills.”

Lakshitha Wethasinghe
Hearing Unit Student

“I cannot praise the teaching staff enough; they were so dedicated, energetic and patient with our son, as they were with all of the students within the Hearing Unit. James could not have achieved anything like what he has without their professional help and guidance.”

Mrs Joan Hale
Past Parent[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]