About the Victorian Deaf Education Network (VDEN)

Our Vision

The Victorian Deaf Education Network (VDEN) is a not-for-profit, unincorporated association, with a bi-annually elected executive committee, having the sole goal of serving its’ members; that being heads or designated representatives of providers of educational services to Deaf or Hard of Hearing students throughout Victoria. The group represents all educational sectors, through all levels, from early intervention to tertiary education, including graduate teacher training. This includes government, catholic and independent sectors. 

VDEN operates as a Professional Learning Community where collective efficacy is built within leaders, teachers and associated professionals working in the field of Deaf Education through cross-school, cross-sector collaboration. The aim is to ensure Victorian students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH) from early education through the year 12, experience successful learning outcomes. 

VDEN Agenda Topics
  • Effective evidenced-based practice in teaching DHH students
  • Assessment tools and data collection suitable for DHH students
  • Building knowledge of and addressing the specific personal and social capabilities of DHH students including planning and delivering extra-curricular events and excursions
  • Assistive equipment and modifications – what works best in what situations
  • Advocacy in and preparation for National and Victorian assessments including accommodations, special provisions and Special Examination Arrangements
  • Collaboration with VCAA on the development and application of the Victorian Curriculum for DHH students e.g. EAL curriculum
  • Transition planning including early Intervention to primary, primary to secondary and secondary to further education and the workforce
  • Child Safety risk identification & mitigation for DHH children
  • Professional Development workshops and presentations from associated organisations including VCAA, Cochlear, Hearing Australia, Department of Education & Training (VDEI) and researchers in Deaf Education.
Our Membership

Membership is invited from:

  • Principals of Schools for the Deaf
  • Heads of Deaf Facilities/Units
  • Regional Leaders of Visiting Teacher Services
  • Heads of Early Intervention Services 

Associate membership is also invited from:

  • Victorian Deaf Education Institute (DET)
  • Co-ordinator of the Master of Learning Intervention (Deaf Education Specialty) University of Melbourne
  • Victorian Infant Hearing Screening Program
  • Australian Association of Teachers of the Deaf (AATD)

To meet our aim of building collective efficacy and consequently student achievement, consistent attendance at meetings is essential, either in person or via video-conferencing.