Yarra Valley Grammar Hearing Unit

Who are we?

At Yarra Valley Grammar, ‘confidence to achieve’ is our mantra and our students’ reality. The students thrive in an atmosphere of support, encouragement and positivity whereby they support each other and celebrate each other’s successes. Our ELC caters for children from three years of age. The Junior School students in Prep to Year 6 enjoy all the benefits of a separate, small primary school, whilst having full access to the outstanding facilities and opportunities offered. Secondary education is divided into two schools – the Middle School for Years 7-9 students and Senior School for students in Years 10-12. We welcome you to explore what our School has to offer and find out how we tailor the learning experience for each student.

About our program

Deaf and hard of hearing students are integral members of the classroom, supported by Teachers of the Deaf, Learning Support staff and a Speech Pathologist. The needs of each student are met through classroom support and withdrawal sessions. Assistive technology has been installed throughout the school to provide students with an environment that supports equal access to the curriculum. A needs based model is the funding model of the school, whereby students receive the support they require, not a ratio based system. Wider school staff receive regular professional learning to ensure they are providing the best access for the students and the Hearing Unit staff also receive regular training to continue to develop their knowledge and skills.

Services we offer

  • Hearing Unit Services Include:
  • Individualised Programs
  • Speech Pathology
  • Spoken and Written Language Development
  • Ongoing Auditory Training
  • Development of Social Skills and Social Thinking
  • Access to Psychological Services
  • Development of Thinking Skills
  • Development of Conversation and Public Speaking Skills
  • Notetaking Support
  • Captioning Support
  • Support on Camps, Excursions and School Events
  • Advocating for students
  • Career Counselling, Work Experience and Transition Education
  • Support from Hearing Australia and the Cochlear Implant Clinic
  • Collaborative development of Individual Learning Plans and Profiles
  • Parent consultation and regular Program Support Group Meetings
  • Approachable, open, regular communication with parents
  • Parent Information Evenings throughout the year
  • Provide opportunities to explore Auslan
  • Regular Hearing Unit newsletters
  • Deaf awareness education and training for all students from Early Childhood to Year 12.
  • Constantly monitoring and reviewing goals, plus providing timely feedback through continuous reporting
  • Regular assessments of language, self-advocacy, personal and social capabilities and other assessments from teacher observations
  • Acoustically treated rooms to provide optimal listening conditions
  • Assistive technology across entire school, including the Performing Arts Centre for accessing assemblies



“The kindness, understanding, mentorship and education and Harry and Sammi receive from all the Hearing Unit staff is extraordinary. The staff are unfaltering supporters for both our children and we are incredibly lucky to be part of the Hearing Unit family.” Elissa Merritt, parent.

“The Hearing Unit is a welcoming place that I can always count on for help whenever I need it. All of the teachers are so supportive and want the best for all of us. Having a network of teachers behind me for school gives me comfort and also the ability to tackle one task at a time.” Abbey Gartlan, Hearing Unit student.

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