Victorian College for the Deaf

Who are we?

Victorian College for the Deaf is a school that educates students from age 5 to 18 years old, (Foundation to Year 12).

We educate our students to be literate, numerate, critical thinkers.  Students graduate into purposeful pathways and continue to receive support from the college for up to two years after graduation.

Auslan and English are the two languages of instruction.  Our teaching staff are both Deaf and hearing enabling our students access to rich role models.

Our students benefit from having Deaf and hearing teaching staff working directly with them without the need to access learning via an Interpreter.

About our program

Our core business is to teach students to read, write and become numerically literate based on the Victorian Curriculum F-10. Students with additional learning needs benefit from an individually adapted program for the duration of their secondary school experience.

Years 11 & 12, have a focus on achieving a senior school certificate and supporting students to transition from school into purposeful pathways. The College offers multiple study options, including VCAL, VET and VCE subjects, an ASDAN program, and tailored support for transitions into work and further study.

Services we offer


Eligible students can access daily taxi transport funded by the Department of Education.  Other options are also available. Call us to learn more. 03 9510 1706

Auslan for Families

Free Auslan lessons in your home or onsite at VCD

NDIS Support

Our Youth Worker and Family engagement Leader can offer support to learn more about the NDIS.

Teaching staff at VCD

Our F-12 program has a strong teaching team consisting of qualified Teachers of the Deaf, a Speech Language Pathologist and Education Support staff.  Our students benefit from having Deaf and hearing teaching staff working directly with them without the need to access learning via an Interpreter.

Primary Years

Subjects taught are English, Auslan, Mathematics, Integrated Studies, Art, Physical Education, Health, ICT, and Respectful Relationships.

Junior Primary F- Grade 3

Depending on the literacy needs of each child, our VCD specific curriculum, may have a focus on:

  • Acquisition of a first language (typically home language / everyday functional language)
  • Foundations for becoming literate: phonemic awareness/phonology/vocabulary/reading fluency & comprehension/ handwriting / spelling – morphology/grammar/punctuation
  • Numeracy
  • Social and emotional capabilities


Senior Primary Grade 4 – 6

Depending on the literacy needs of each child, our VCD specific curriculum, may have a focus on:

  • Acquisition of a first language and/or expansion of language to include school language (more formal language)
  • Vocabulary/reading fluency & comprehension /handwriting/spelling – morphology/grammar/punctuation
  • Expansion of mathematical concepts and application of concepts leading to problem solving

Overall, our Primary program and services is best summed up in the following testimonial by a new family to our college.

“…Just wanted to say thanks for such a terrific week for our daughter. I am so impressed by every aspect of care and the professionalism of the team. The drivers caring and engaging attitude, her teachers update on her learning posted on Seesaw, the wellbeing team proactively reaching out already… just amazing. Best of all is the big smile I see on her face as we pick her up each day. A simple thank you will never be enough…”

Secondary Years

Years 7-10

Subjects taught in the secondary years are:

  • English – Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening
  • Auslan – Expressive & receptive language, culture
  • Mathematics – Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry, Statistics & Probability
  • Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Art – visual
  • Physical Education/Sport
  • Health
  • ICT
  • Personal & Social Capabilities – Emotional literacy, Resilience
  • Respectful Relationships
  • Careers Education
  • Work Experience for Years 9 & 10


Wellbeing Team

Our team consists of a Mental Health Practitioner and a Youth Counsellor who provide proactive services to students and families.  Our families tell us our Parent Information Evenings covering topics from “Tuning into Teens” or Assistive Devices and the NDIS, are highly valued and of huge benefit.

NDIS Support

The Wellbeing Team offer rich support for students and families needing a little help to get started with the NDIS or wanting to gather more information for a plan review.


Our careers program offers individualised pathways counselling and supported work placements. Senior students work in our renowned on-site social enterprises, Tradeblock Café and ABlock bike shop.  Students develop key employability skills in preparation for life beyond school.

Camping program

We offer an extensive camping program that is an extension of our VCD Social Capabilities curriculum.  We have an ongoing partnership with Rubicon who co-plan with our staff the Year 7-10 and Years 11 &12 camps. Each year we venture to Nayook to challenge ourselves with high ropes courses, white water rafting, mountain biking, over night camp outs and to eat the delicious food Rubicon provide!

Tradeblock Café

Tradeblock Cafe is an authentic work environment and Deaf space open to the public. Tradeblock offers a hands-on hospitality program where senior students experience a range of roles and responsibilities, while contributing to their Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) qualification. Students are able to build their communication, life skills and understanding of the workplace in a culturally supportive context. The Tradeblock Program assists in breaking down barriers existing around disability.

The café is staffed two days a week by senior VCD students, and a post-secondary program operates across another two days. This adult program aims to prepare Deaf people for open employment or further training in the hospitality industry.

Those who have participated in work at Tradeblock Cafe identify the benefits this program offers to include increased awareness, skills, confidence, work experience and social networks. There is also benefit to the community who patron the café – other than sustenance, patrons experience Deaf culture and have the opportunity to build their knowledge, awareness and relationships with Deaf people.

To learn more about our beautiful café, click:

Ablock Bike Shop

Our most recent social enterprise, Ablock Bike Shop, opened its doors to the public in 2019. A dual-purpose onsite facility, Ablock trains senior VCD students in Cert II Bicycle Mechanical Technology and provides high quality bicycle servicing and repairs to the local community.

Situated next door to Tradeblock Café, Ablock was designed and fitted by students as a fit for purpose learning space and work environment. Students working in the bike shop build a thorough understanding of bicycle repairs and maintenance, while developing skills in customer service, time management and problem solving. Ablock’s vision is to provide a supported workplace opportunity that our students can use as a springboard into tertiary studies and career pathways.

Ablock is open to the public for bicycle servicing and repairs from Wednesdays-Fridays during school terms.

To learn more about our dynamic bike shop, click:

Senior Years

Our Year 11 & 12 pathways vary according to student ability and passions.

We offer VCAL, VET, ASDAN pathways and some VCE subjects.

What is VCAL?

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is a hands-on senior program designed to create an individual pathway for students to employment, apprenticeship, or further studies. VCAL, like VCE, is an accredited senior secondary school certificate that is recognised internationally as a successful completion of secondary education.

It offers an educational experience that includes applied work skills and industry-based learning as well as job relevant literacy and numeracy skills. VCAL programs are more focused, more integrated and more sustainable for those students who do not necessarily need to complete a traditional VCE to reach their desired goals. VCAL provides students an alternative educational pathway to pursue higher education studies.

What is VET?

Vocational Education Training (VET) enables students to gain qualifications for all types of employment, and specific skills to help them in the workplace. It covers a large number of careers and industries like trades and office work, retail, hospitality, creative arts and technology. Qualifications range from Certificate II to Certificate IV, and Diploma and Advanced Diploma. Students can include a VET subject in their VCE or VCAL studies. VCD provides some VET courses on campus, and also has access to several TAFE courses that students can attend with the support of an interpreter/teacher from the school.

Currently, VCD teaches VET Bicycle Mechanical Technology – Certificate II and Employment Pathways – Certificate I.

What is ASDAN?

Award Scheme Developed Accreditation Network (ASDAN) is a life skills program suitable for students with additional learning needs. This may include some VCAL learning outcomes and a modified VET program. Students participate in different modules with emphasis on real life experiences. ASDAN is also part of the Transition to Work program where the students partake in work placements for one day per week. This may be undertaken in various locations – Tradeblock Café, Ablock Bike Shop, VCD’s kitchen garden, volunteer programs and community work.

ASDAN is recognised as a formal secondary school qualification with the Department of Education in Queensland and Western Australia. Eight Victorian schools are currently delivering ASDAN. VCD is working to have ASDAN recognised by the Victorian Department of Education.

What is VCE?

The Victorian Certificate of Education or VCE is one of the credentials awarded to secondary school students who successfully complete high school level studies in Victoria, Australia. Students complete a minimum number of five VCE subjects to receive an ATAR score, which they can use for entry into university or TAFE. Students at Victorian College for the Deaf can study some VCE units on campus at VCD, and others via Virtual School Victoria (formerly called Distance Education).

Currently, VCD teaches VCE Auslan, Units 1 & 2, and Units 3 &4.  We offer online learning via Zoom to students, deaf or hearing, in regional and rural Victoria wishing to study VCE Auslan.  Call the College to enquire more.

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