St Johns Regional College (Dandenong) – St Mary’s College for the Deaf

Who are we?

Our Dandenong campus provides a warm and welcoming local school community where students experience a sense of belonging and can develop the confidence and communication success needed to participate in any school, work or social environment.

Our Dandenong Campus as part of St John’s community boasts diverse cultures and languages with St John’s being renowned as one of the most multicultural schools in Melbourne. The community extends beyond the school grounds and the students, reaching out to families, our parishes and wider community groups.

About our program

Students also have the opportunity of accessing a wide range of subjects and senior courses of study. Our goal is to ensure that students reach their potential as strong, capable contributors following their dreams. The Secondary Transition Education Program (STEP) creates a solid foundation for Year 7 students. Years 8 to 10 at the College focuses on developing and applying the key skills that students will need to succeed when they enter more advanced studies at the senior levels. Year 9 introduces students to the College Cafe program for a two-week period during the school year through which they will receive a Certificate of Food Handling.

Social justice is an important aspect of school life at Dandenong campus with students participating annually in MAD Day. Make a Difference Day is an important day in recognising that we can make a difference in the lives of those in need here in our own community and also around the world.

Students participate in leadership programs offered within St Mary’s College as well as St John’s Regional College. Student Leadership programs enable students to develop confidence, experience the benefits of doing things for others and become positive role models for other students. Each year, a senior St Mary’s College student is elected as Student Campus Leader.

Services we offer

St Mary’s employs Speech Pathologists who work on developing individual language and listening skills.

St Mary’s has adopted a positive approach to student wellbeing which underpins the spiritual, emotional, social, academic and physical growth of all students. Activities offered to strengthen wellbeing include St Mary’s College Positive behaviour for Learning (PBL) program and Student Wellbeing programs.

Our students feel a sense of belonging, connection and ownership at our Dandenong Campus. It’s a place where they care and respect each other while reaching their potential.

St Mary’s students undertake EXP, a subject taken as part of each student’s timetable of year level subjects. The learning areas taught by the Teacher of the Deaf is decided with students and parents and based on the Expanded Core Curriculum for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students, designed to support students in accessing and experiencing success in their core subjects. Areas taught may include literacy, expressive and receptive language, audition, speech or social-emotional learning. This subject offering is flexible and can vary from student to student and year to year, depending on subjects and wellbeing needs.

Program support group (PSG/SSG) meetings are held with parents each term as a way of monitoring student progress, receive feedback and planning for future teaching and learning. In between meetings, we maintain regular phone and email contact with parents.

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