Rosanna Golf Links Primary School Deaf Facility

Who are we?

Rosanna Golf Links Deaf Facility has been part of the mainstream school since 1996. It continues to grow and change with educational innovations and trends to provide the best social and learning outcomes and teaching solutions for every student. Our Facility is staffed by trained Teachers of the Deaf who provide support for deaf and hearing-impaired students both in the classroom and in Facility withdrawal settings.

About our program

We are committed to providing a quality, supportive and inclusive education in a caring environment for every student attending our school Facility. The programs at RGLPS Deaf Facility aim to provide deaf and hearing-impaired students with full-time support and access to these inclusive programs by meeting the individual needs of every student allowing them to achieve personal, social and educational success within the mainstream primary school setting.

Services we offer

The school has state-of-the-art hearing equipment in every classroom: wall pilots, transmitters and sound field systems that benefit the entire student body as well as our Facility students.
Taught by the Teachers of the Deaf, we run a Deaf Studies Program unique to the needs of our students in the Deaf Facility. It emphasises the development of independence, self-acceptance and self-advocacy. It also teaches awareness about Deaf Culture and Community, while improving social skills and understanding of the students’ needs and rights as deaf /hearing-impaired persons in the community.
A Deaf Studies Program is also taught to students in the mainstream school to promote and develop inclusion and a deeper understanding of the needs, life-choices and rights of deaf /hearing-impaired people in our community.
Rosanna Golf Links’ LOTE program is AUSLAN and this is taught throughout the mainstream school by a teacher who is herself deaf.
We plan with and teach alongside the mainstream teachers, providing them with the opportunity to observe the teaching methods and strategies used by Teachers of the Deaf to encourage best practice for deaf/hearing-impaired students in the regular classroom.
The Deaf Facility staff work cooperatively with other professionals (Australian Hearing audiologists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists and O.T.s) to ensure best outcomes for every student who may require further specialised assistance from outside providers.
Members of our parent body are happy to support new and prospective parents and answer any questions about our Facility from a different perspective.

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