Department of Education and Training (DET) Visiting Teacher Service

Who are we?

Visiting Teachers are specialist teachers with expertise and experience in specific disabilities and impairments. We give schools and teachers guidance in supporting engagement and participation of students with disabilities and additional needs.

About our program

Visiting Teachers are part of the Department of Education and Training Health Well-Being Inclusion Workforce supporting government schools.

Services we offer

The role of the Visiting Teacher focuses on:

Providing services to students from pre-school transition to VCE.

Assisting schools to develop specialised programs.

Supporting and monitoring individual learning programs at school.

Assisting the teacher to:

  • make modifications and accommodations to the curriculum and learning environment
  • recognise the educational and developmental needs that can be unique to students with disabilities or impairments
  • use student achievement data for students with impairments
  • develop individual learning plans.


Facilitating the student’s access to the curriculum.

Providing information regarding specific disabilities, and their related educational implications.

Providing information about resources, equipment, information and communication technology, and other support materials for individual students.

Monitoring and evaluating student progress through school and parent consultation, Student Support Groups and Networks.

Providing advice and relevant reports for applications for the Program for Students with Disabilities; grants and/or submissions.


The Visiting Teacher role may also include:

Liaising with parents, teachers, students, regular and specialised educational settings, disability organisations, support agencies and vocational facilities.

Supporting students, teachers, student welfare and special needs personnel and principals.

Consulting with pre-schools, schools, Student Support Groups, VCE support groups, tertiary

institutions, work experience placements and other Student Support Services staff.

Providing professional development for school communities on strategies to support the provision of a comprehensive and inclusive curriculum for students.

Promoting community awareness, as well as the development of realistic and challenging expectations of students with disabilities or impairments.

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