Aurora School

Who are we?

We are a bilingual setting that uses both Auslan, the language of the Deaf community, and English.  We value both Auslan and English equally.  We also acknowledge and value the language that each child uses at home with their family.

We work in partnership with families, building on their child’s individual needs, strengths, and competencies to support them to reach their full potential.   We offer Early Intervention, Early Education and an inclusive 3 – 4 year old Community Kindergarten.

Our highly trained team of professionals includes Teachers of the Deaf, Deaf Educators, Teacher Assistants, Speech Pathologists, Social Workers, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Audiologists Physiotherapists, and Interpreters.

About our program


This is available to families of Victorian children from birth to school entry who have a confirmed hearing loss in both ears.  We work in partnership with families, providing regular home visits and group sessions.


We offer school-based programs to children aged 3 – 6 years old, who have a confirmed moderate to profound bilateral hearing loss, and children who are deafblind.


Our inclusive bilingual 3 and 4 year old Community Kindergarten offers a positive environment for hearing children from the local community and children enrolled in the Early Education program.

Services we offer

  • Early Intervention Service
  • Early Education Program
  • Community Kindergarten
  • Playgroups
  • Family days and information sessions
  • Consultancy to other programs, including kindergartens, schools and childcare
  • Liaison with Australian Hearing, the Cochlear Implant Clinic, CHIC and PHLIC Clinics and other agencies
  • School Transition support; and
  • Interpreters (Auslan, Languages other than English)
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