Methodist Ladies College Deaf Integration Unit
Methodist Ladies College
207 Bakers Road   KEW   3101
Telephone:  03 92746356

Beth Gerondis
Director of Learning Support

MLC’s Deaf Integration Program aims to empower and nurture each deaf or hard of hearing student, giving her the necessary skills and confidence to fulfil her potential and become an independent world-ready woman.

MLC’s Deaf Integration Program was established in 1986 and caters for up to 20 deaf and hard of hearing students, providing a quality education across all levels from Prep to Year 12.

The Deaf Integration Program:

  • Includes regular review meetings and provides an individualised learning program
  • Facilitates in-class and withdrawal sessions with a TOD
  • Accommodates the individual needs and styles of communication including language, speech and listening skills, as well as social and wellbeing skills.
  • Provides support staff including interpreters and note takers as required
  • Uses modern acoustic systems in major venues and classrooms
  • Uses observation, assessments and liaison with mainstream staff to support the student’s individual needs and optimise their participation.

Students with hearing loss are members of the regular classroom and are fully integrated into the full range of curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

Support Services:

  • Regular audiological services and hearing aid maintenance at MLC by a paediatric audiologist from Australian Hearing
  • Individual Speech Therapy is available at MLC from an independent speech pathologist
  • Liaison with other deaf agencies and services.